3 Step Process

Step 1: Identification

Squirrel, house mouse, dear mole, roof rat, wood rat, Norway (sewer rat), all have different characteristics and behaviors. Sometimes they range and are curious, but sometimes cautious, social, and territorial. For instance, the roof rat’s territory is 100 foot radius from seen droppings. The bigger the home, the larger the territory. A female roof rat will have 3.4 litters a year, with 4.6 offspring per female. Offspring will share same territory.

Step 2: Eradication

So many times I have gone out to homes that have been prematurely rodent proofed and the rodents worked their way into the living quarters by means of attic duct to furnace or following condensation on pipes from a crawl space into the bathroom or kitchen, 3 Step Rodent Proofing never uses poisons.

Trap placement is crucial during eradication. Rodents leave so much evidence: droppings, smudge marks, rub marks, swing marks, runways and nests. 3 Step Rodent Proofing’s goal is to knock the population down 40-60% before repairs.

Step 3: Prevention

Every possible entry point is documented with a photo attached to your estimate sent to your email. There are no smoke & mirrors, no feeding on your fears, only facts. All repairs by 3 Step Rodent Proofing are backed with a 5 year warranty.

If you are a do-it-yourself type, I have no problem explaining how and what materials are best. Please note warranty is only valid if repairs are performed by 3 Steps Rodent Proofing.